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What does a SOZO session look like?

The prayer ministry session is led by one person and there is always a second and possibly third person present. Their role is to be supporting in silent prayer, offering written prompts to the lead person as they sense any insight from Holy Spirit and to note down for the guest any pictures, words of encouragement or scriptures that Holy Spirit gives directly to the SOZO guest. The ministry is very gentle and respectful, relying upon Holy Spirit to lead by directing the thoughts and memories of the ministry guest. It does not involve counselling.

A SOZO ministry session will last a maximum of 2 hours but can stop at any point the guest feels they have received what they need for that time. Sometimes a further SOZO appointment is suggested a short while later. Confidentiality regarding anything spoken about is carefully respected, following the usual ministry guidelines. 

How Can I Receive SOZO ministry?

We will ask you to complete a form in advance of an appointment giving us some background information about you and any issues you would like to address. There is also a formal agreement to be signed, for your protection and the protection of the team. We are very happy to talk this through with you if you feel the need.

more about bethel sozo

SOZO Ministry was founded by Dawna DaSilva in Bethel Church, Redding. For more information about Bethel SOZO, please visit:

how can I sign up?

If you would be interested to know
more about receiving SOZO ministry, please contact:

Sheila Burton

Ministry Team Leader

Voluntary donations

There is no charge for ministry but recipients are invited to make a voluntary donation if they are able. Any donations received assist with the costs associated with SOZO training and attendance of team members at additional support events to maintain skill development.