Our Services


 First and second sunday of the month

Family Church with Groups: This service is where family worships together and following children & youth go into Sunday groups with age appropriate teaching.

Groups: We hold age appropriate groups during the 'message' for children and youth from age 18mths through to Youth (school year 11). There is a room available, with audio link that parents/carers of 0-1 year olds can use if needed during the service.

Third sunday of the month

All Age Gathering: An all age service with worship, communion and activities.

Fourth sunday of the month

Evening Service: Our evening services typically range from taking communion together, extended times of worship and teaching.

We encourage everyone to use the 4th Sunday mornings/lunchtimes to be intentional about connecting with neighbours/family/friends and 'be a blessing’.

5th Sunday of the month

No Service: If there happens to be a fifth Sunday in the month - we have a week off and encourage people to offer hospitality to those in our neighbourhoods, families or church.


Monthly Themes



October - Life in the Spirit

November - Honour

December - The Good News of the Kingdom [including the meaning Christmas: Good News of Great Joy for All the People]



January - The Kingdom Of God- our Mandate [‘Heaven on Earth’]

February - Faith

March - Money, work and worship

April - Prayer, Prophecy and Power [including Easter]

May - Mission & Caring for the Poor

June - Following Jesus [the Cost of Discipleship]

July - Our Father and Family