Living from the Spirit with Wendy Backlund of Igniting Hope Ministries


We can’t wait to have Wendy Backlund of Igniting Hope Ministries (based in Redding, California) with us next weekend!

She will be here with us to a conference centred around Living from the Spirit. Here’s a portion of Wendy’s story and the testimony she carries:

Years ago, I was a discouraged pastor’s wife with little self-confidence and a fear of speaking in front of people. The Lord has led me on a life-changing journey of renewing my mind to know and believe His deep love for me, to believe and love who He says I am, and to embrace the victory Jesus has won for us. I’ve been greatly set free from the lies about my life that were hindering me, and have now learned how to renew my mind to live from a default of joy.

For more info about Wendy and our 1-Day conference “Living from the Spirit” please click here