Additional Details

The session will include 3 x 50 minute interactive workshops covering recognising and managing stress symptoms, understanding your value and true potential, as well as ‘on the spot’ mindfulness techniques to combat stress in the moment.

You can come along on your own, or bring your parents never know, they might learn something!

The session will befacilitated by Jess Fisher.

Jess is a Christian Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher at Rewire Life Coaching. She has 14 years’ experience in emotional / mental health support and stress busting! For the past 7 years she has worked with university students helping them manage their academic stress and personal challenges.



1500hrs – 1550: Recognising and managing stress symptoms
1550hrs – 1605: break!
1605hrs – 1655: Understanding your value and true potential
1700hrs – 1745: Dinner!!
1745hrs – 1830: On the spot mindfulness tools to combat stress in the moment
1830hrs – 19:30 (optional) extra: find out what God thinks of you and your future!


£3 Includes: Dinner, refreshments and Bossing your exams! Guide notes


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